About allergies

Lactose intolerance

Slanka milkshakes, soups and bars contain milk.

Lactose content

Slanka powders contain, on the average, 24–27 grams of milk sugar per 100 grams. One Slanka packet weighs 45 grams.

  • Chocolate milkshake 25 g/100 g
  • Peppermint-chocolate milkshake 25 g/100 g
  • Strawberry milkshake 27 g/100 g
  • Vanilla milkshake 27 g/100 g
  • Cappuccino milkshake 25 g/100 g
  • Orange milkshake 24 g/100 g
  • Chicken soup 26 g/100 g
  • Vegetable soup 27 g/100 g

Soy intolerance

Our products do not contain soy flour, but do contain soy lecithin.

Gluten intolerance

Our milkshakes and soups do not contain gluten. Bars contain puffed rice, which contains gluten.

Nut allergy

Slanka products do not contain nuts. Our products are produced in a completely nut-free zone.


An average-size apple contains twice as much fructose as one slanka milkshake.

Phenylketonuria (pku) metabolic disease aspartame allergy

Slanka products do not contain aspartame.

Celery allergy

Of all slanka products, only soups contain celery (chicken and vegetable powder).

Yeast intolerance

Slanka products do not contain added yeast, but may contain a small amount of natural yeast (As is the case for other food products as well).


Milkshakes, soups and bars contain milk. Chicken soup contains chicken and egg. Bars may contain egg.


Slanka mill shakes, vegetable soup and bars are suitable for vegetarians.